A vision for future generations

A couple enjoys a bike ride on a warm spring day. Old friends meet under the shade of an umbrella at a street-side table. Business owners work with a smile serving steady streams of customers. The air smells of sweet blossoming flowers, and all around the sounds of people working, playing and living can be heard. This is only a part of the vision of what State Street will become, and the State Street Redevelopment Project will make it a reality.

Realizing a vision

In many ways, State Street is the backbone of West Lafayette. For those visiting Purdue University, State Street will be their first impression of the campus and the city. The majority of our residents utilize State Street or its nearby roads every day. Now is the time to transform State Street into a vibrant, welcoming hub that reflects the innovative and creative spirit of West Lafayette.

Community Benefits

This project will transform State Street and the surrounding area into a better place for residents, students, business owners and visitors. This transformation will make the State Street area a more desirable destination with new greenspaces, outdoor seating and overall improved aesthetics. However, these are only a few examples of the benefits we can expect from a fully redeveloped State Street.

Community Partnership

A vibrant State Street is good for West Lafayette and Purdue University. For the City, the redevelopment will provide additional opportunities to attract new businesses and consumers to the area and bolster the local economy. Purdue University will enjoy the enhanced safety of pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and bike paths, and a renovated Western Gateway and Downtown & Village Gateway are sure to impress those visiting the campus.  

From the City of West Lafayette, Purdue University and all those involved with the project, we thank you for your patience throughout this project. While these improvements may impact your daily commute, we are hopeful that the transformation of State Street will be well worth it in the end. It is our goal to keep you informed of project updates to make this construction period as stress free as possible. Thank you for your understanding!